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This is a repository of questions that users may have and the answers for those questions. This page is updated regularly so please look for your question here before contacting us.

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  • How do I get started?

    All you have to do is sign up at , and then login, click make a deposit, and then choose your plan and enter the amount you wish to invest. Please note that the minimum deposit for each plan varies. The Diamond plan requires a minimum deposit of $1000.00 and both the Silver plan and the Gold plan has a minimum deposit of $50.00 and $200.00 respectively.

  • What do I need to register?

    You need a valid e-mail address and valid credentials to register an account with us. You also need to have at least one account in any of our accepted payment methods.

  • Why do I need to register on your site?

    You need a valid e-mail address and valid credentials to register an account with us. You also need to have at least one account in any of our accepted payment methods.

  • I registered but did not receive the welcome e-mail.

    We assume that you used a Yahoo e-mail address upon regisration. Please be notified that Yahoo is having trouble receiving e-mails from our mail server. You may use other mail providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and others. If you still cannot receive e-mails from our system, please contact our support team for diagnosis and assistance.

  • Can I register without an upline?

    Indeed. You can register without an upline.

  • Do I need an active deposit to earn commission?

    No, you are not required to have an active deposit in order to earn referral commission. All you need to do is market your referral link and you can start making money without investing.

  • I want to update my E-mail address.

    You can do this by contacting us and requesting us to manually edit your e-mail address. We do not allow editing of e-mail address by yourself in order to ensure your account security. Proof of ownership of the account is required prior to editing your e-mail address on file for you. In fact we do not allow editing of payment information as well, you are only allowed one time to enter your payout information, either on the registration form or on the PROFILE link on your account. Once this has been filled, you won't be able to edit it, and you will need our assistance to do so.

  • How can I reset a forgotten password?

    You may use our forgot password link at, or reach out to our customer support team on Live Chat. They will be more than happy to assist you in resetting your password should you have trouble resetting it yourself. You will have to go through our verification as a standard operating procedure before your password is reset for you through Live Chat.

  • How can I change my payout account?

    If you have filled up a specific payout account upon registration or in your PROFILE page when logged in, then you will not be able to edit it by yourself. You will need to get in touch with our LIVE SUPPORT team in order to get your payout account edited. Verification will be needed prior to clearing your payout account on file. Once verification is successful, you may then edit your payout information.

  • What if I don't have money to invest?

    You can still make money through our Affiliate Program. You can register an account and then advertise your referral links to acquire referrals or downlines. When your referrals or downlines invest with us, you will earn a commission.

  • How do I create an investment in your company?

    First, ensure that you have a registered account with us. After registration, you can start investing by logging in and then going to the deposit page. Once you are there, just follow the procedure on how to deposit and your deposit should be on its way to your account.

  • How much is the minimum deposit?

    The minimum deposit is $50.00 for the SILVER PLAN and $200.00 for the GOLD PLAN. The DIAMOND PLAN requires a minimum of $1000.00.

  • How is the crypto currency converted to USD?

    The rates we use are the real-time rates of the crypto currencies we accept based on their designated blockchains.

  • Can I make multiple deposits to my current plan?

    Many are not aware, but each deposit is a separate transaction from each other. Each with its own expiration or maturity date and start date. You can make multiple deposits to any plan you wish regardless if you have a currently running plan on any plan. There is no limit to the number of deposits you can make in any plan we offer.

  • How do I make a deposit from account balance?

    To make a deposit from your account balance, just login normally, click the Deposit button and then follow the instructions, just select (for example you want to deposit from your Bitcoin Balance), Bitcoin Account Balance from the drop down selection of payment type and then continue as you would with a normal external deposit.

  • When will my first earning be credited?

    Depends on which plan you deposited to. If you deposited in the DIAMOND PLAN, you get earnings credited after 8 hours. If you deposited in the SILVER PLAN, your earnings will be credited to your balance after 24 hours from the time stamp of your deposit posting. For the GOLD plan, you will need to wait 3 days before your earnings show up in your account balance, which should include your principal and your earnings altogether.

  • My deposit was not added instantly.

    There are several reasons for this. Check the below list of references for reasons.

    - You deposited via Crypto Currencies which require confirmations before getting added. Refer to the next Question below. - You deposited via ETH and used a smart contract address to transfer.

    If you transferred ETH to your ETH deposit address via your smart contract address, then your deposit will not be added instantly even after 6 confirmations, because our API requires the manual forwarding of Ethereum "Internal Transfers" deposits to our destination wallets. Thus this will be delayed until our provider can forward the deposit to our destination wallet. Expect 24 to 48 hours to resolve such issue.

  • How many confirmations for crypto deposits?

    The confirmations required per cryptocurrency deposit varies. Please refer to the list below for your reference:

    Deposits Via:

    Bitcoin - 3 confirmations
    Ethereum - 6 confirmations
    BitcoinCash - 3 confirmations
    Dash - 5 confirmations
    DogeCoin - 5 confirmations

  • How long should I wait for confirmation?

    This is not under our control. The time it takes to get the required number of confirmations from the crypto currency blockchains depend on the network load and network speed of the blockchain network. This may be really fast at times and sometimes overloaded and might even take hours to get a single confirmation. So we cannot estimate the duration you have to wait before your deposit gets confirmed.

  • What happens when my deposit expires / matures?

    When a deposit matures or expires. It becomes inactive. This means that it will stop making you money because it has completed its cycle. Only active deposits can give you profits to your account.

  • In what currency do I get paid my profits?

    The profits you will receive to your account will be dependent on the type of payment you used to make that deposit. If you invested Bitcoin, then the profits for that specific deposit will be in Bitcoin. So if you have multiple deposits in your account, you will be receiving multiple types of balances as well. You will also be credited referral commission based on the type of payment used by your referrals.

  • How much is your minimum withdrawal?

    The minimum withdrawal is based on the payment type. There is no maximum. Refer to the information below.

    Bitcoin - $1.00
    Ethereum - $5.00
    DogeCoin - $1.00
    BitcoinCash - $1.00
    Dash - $1.00
    Payeer - $0.20
    PerfectMoney - $0.20

  • Do you charge a fee to process a withdrawal?

    We do not charge any fees when you request a withdrawal.

  • Is the rate for crypto similar to that of the deposit?

    We convert USD to crypto using the real-time rates of the cryptocurrency versus the US Dollar at the time of processing.

  • I have enough balance, but it says I don't when I withdraw?

    There are 2 reasons for this to happen. Refer below:

    - You are requesting your total account balance without knowing whether your balance is in one single currency type or spread into different currency types. For example, your account may show $100.00 , but $50.00 in Bitcoin and $50.00 in Perfect Money. Your withdrawal request for $100.00 will not go through because you need to request $50.00 Bitcoin and $50.00 Perfect Money separately.

    - Your balance is in one single currency type but it shows you are withdrawing more than your maximum balance. Because our system calculates in up to several decimals, the rounded off value for your balance to the hundredths may be incorrect. So for example if you have $25.75 in your Bitcoin balance, and this happens, try to enter $25.74 and it will be submitted for sure.

  • Is withdrawal instant?

    No. We do not provide an instant withdrawal system. Period. Although withdrawals are sometimes processed like instant, by the administrator.

  • When can I withdraw?

    You can request for a withdrawal anytime you have a balance for a specific currency type that meets the minimum required withdrawable amount.

  • How long should I wait for a withdrawal to get processed?

    Withdrawals can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours. Please allow a maximum time frame of 48 hours to enable us have an ample timeframe should there be technical issues with payment systems and or our system.

  • Can I withdraw to another currency type from my deposit?

    No. Your deposits or investments will only credit you with the same currency type you used for each deposit. Converting your balance to another currency type is not accepted. We are not an exchange service.

    If you need to convert your cryptocurrencies or e-currencies, please use these exchange services, and or
    Notice: We are not in any way, related to the above instant exchange providers.

    *** Updated on November 16, 2018 ***

  • I see withdrawals processed but mine is pending. Why?

    Please ensure that you have filled up your payout account information in your PROFILE link when logged in. A blank payout information means, we do not know where to send your withdrawal request to. When this occurs, ensure that you check your e-mail account or your Private Messages From Administrator message box in your account dashboard.

  • How many investment plans do you have?

    We have three investment plans namely, DIAMOND, GOLD and SILVER PLAN.

  • DIAMOND plan details.

    The DIAMOND plan will earn 120% after 8 hours. This plan will only credit you your earnings to your account balance on expiration of 8 hours with a 120% return. The total return for this plan is 220% where 120% is the net profit. The principal is included in the returned total.

    Please note that the total duration of this plan is 8 hours. This will credit you with earnings 7 days a week. Yes earnings are credited on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • GOLD plan details.

    The GOLD plan will earn 63% after 3 calendar days. This plan will only credit your account balance with one single profit at the end of the term of 3 calendar days. The total return for this plan is 163% where 63% is the net profit. The principal is included in the returned total.

  • SILVER PLAN details.

    The SILVER PLAN will earn you 27% after 24 hours. This plan will credit your account balance with 27% after 24 hours have elapsed. The principal is then returned to your account balance upon full maturity of this plan or after 24 hours.

  • What is a business day?

    A business day is a typical working day. Business days of the week are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

  • What are weekdays?

    As explained above, weekdays are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

  • How much is your referral commission?

    We have a 3 Level Affiliate Program. You will earn 7% for your direct referrals, 2% for your 2nd level referrals, and 1% for your 3rd level referrals.

  • I don't understand your affiliate program.

    To elaborate on the details of the affiliate program, here is an example of how our 3 Level affiliate program works.

    John referred William. William deposited $1,000.00, so John earned $70.00 (7%) from William's $1,000.00 investment.
    William then referred Sarah. Sarah deposited $1,000.00, so William earned $70.00 (7%) from Sarah's' $1,000.00 investment, while John earned $20.00 (2%).
    Sarah then referred Richard. Richard deposited $1,000.00, so Sarah earned $70.00 (7%) from Richard's $1,000.00 investment, while William earned $20.00 (2%) and John earned $10.00 (1%)

  • How do I use my referral link?

    You have three referral links you could use to promote our platform. All you have to do is copy any of the 3 links available on your dashboard. We suggest that you use the Splash Pages instead of the regular Referral link for a more effective marketing result.

  • Will I get a commission for deposits made from balance?

    Yes you will still earn commissions when a deposit is made from your referrals' account balance. This should save you time and fees if you originally planned to withdraw and then redeposit.

  • How many referrals can I have?

    You can have as many referrals you can get. There is no such limit in place for your number of referrals. This will all depend on your marketing skill and you are free to grow your network to any number you can possibly do.

  • Can I use my commissions for depositing?

    Yes you can. Anything that is in your balance, can be used to make a deposit from your account balance. Just ensure that you meet the minimum amount of deposit for the plan you wish to invest in.

  • Is it possible to change my upline?

    Depending on the reason for requesting this, we may allow this at times. To be sure, please contact the support team for more information.

  • I referred someone but he doesn't appear in my referrals.

    From time to time, a client-side error occurs and logs no UPLINE for a user when registering, despite having clicked the referrer's referral link. If this happens, please contact the support team for assistance. A series of questions may be asked to support the claim before an approval to move a member under you.

  • How can I view my whole network?

    Please login and click the NETWORK button in your members dashboard navigation menu.

  • Is Boost Capital registered?

    Yes Boost Capital Limited was incorporated in the Netherlands with registration number 11625595.

  • Operating since Feb 2017 yet you just recently incorporated?

    That is correct. Our company was registered only last October 15, 2018. This is due to simple facts that we have operated during the first year and several months under our private names and not using a corporate entity. We knew it was the best and perfect time to register and incorporate a company because the investments we handle far exceed that of the amount we can handle privately. Thus a new stage has started for us at Boost Capital. Our portfolio has also exceeded that of the allowable personal or private account limitations, so therefore to carry on with our growth and of our operations, it was compulsory to incorporate a business entity for all reasons and purposes.

  • Are there any conditions or restrictions on visiting your office?

    Our registered business address is not an office per se. Our address is a mailing address to comply with the laws of operating a business in the country of our operation. You may visit the site but do not expect personnel or staff to meet you there at all times. Our place of operation is not on our registered business address.

  • Can I visit your mining farms?

    Unfortunately, our mining farms are in locations where commercial use of alternative energy is restricted, thus the operators of the alternative energy / power sources have made us sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as part of our internal contract with them. We are working on getting this NDA dissolved on our next contract renewal (some time July 2019).

    This NDA restricts us and forbids us to disclose location addresses, even photos of the area, thus restricting us from even sharing the mining rigs we have in said location. Should we violate our NDA and or our contract, we will be legally liable and a settlement will be unaffordable for us.

    To those wanting to see or visit the farms, please wait until this NDA is dissolved and then we can post and share photos. We know that this may be frustrating to most investors but do trust that we will get this NDA dissolved as soon as legally possible.

  • What are the working hours of your technical support team?

    Our support team has no specific time of shift. They are mostly available all day long with some hours of being unavailable due to obvious reasons, such as personal time and sleep.

  • How does your company generate profits for your investors?

    We generate profit through crypto currency mining and crypto currency trading. Majority of our profits come from trading, that is why we have 2 plans related to trading. We make more profits versus payouts in a day, thus the investment plans are very sustainable for us.

  • How can I contact the company if I needed help?

    You may course your concerns through our Live Support Chat through our website or you may submit a ticket on the support page at

  • How secure is your system, especially the cicrculating funds?

    Our administrator plus our technical team are all technologically inclined when it comes to programming and penetration testing. This should ensure that we know what to protect and how to protect it because we also know how to penetrate systems by ourselves.

  • Are there risks involved?

    There are risks in trading, and those are inevitable. However, we do not pass this loss to our investors. We have come up with a buffer balance which should keep us afloat even on bad trading days. Luckily enough, we have kept this kind of day at a minimum with no significant loss to boot.

  • I enabled security settings and my PIN is not working?

    You may request to reset your security settings through our support team.

  • What does Zero-Brackets mean?

    All of our plans do not have brackets. Other platforms have brackets in their plans. This is an example:

    $10 - $100 = 2% profit $101 - $500 = 3% profit $501 - $1,000 = 4% profit

    We do not have these brackets on our plans. All deposited amounts from the minimum up to the maximum will earn the same profit percentage.

  • I got paid via Bitcoin but not shown in wallet.

    Upon receiving an e-mail notification that your withdrawal has been processed to your Bitcoin wallet, please make sure that you go to, and then copy and paste your Bitcoin wallet saved in your PROFILE on , into the search bar on the Blockchain website. You should see the transaction confirming there.

    If you are using a web wallet, provided by a third party, you may need to wait a little longer for the funds to show up in your web wallet. However, the funds will be shown as credited already to your Bitcoin wallet address on

  • How do you manage Bitcoin drop / rise in value?

    The crypto balance we hold is not affected by the rise and fall of value on a minute to minute basis. We are traders, and with this we always move funds from one form to another, this is part of the trading process. We do not incur losses alone with the funds we hold due to the loss of value. We may even generate a profit with the funds we hold in the wallets designated for payouts.

  • It's time already, so where is my earning?

    Please match your deposit crediting time stamp with the current server time. Our system follows the UTC timezone. If your deposit time stamp has not been reached by the current time for the day, then you will have to wait until your deposit has ran for the exact time as it was credited, by the minute and by the hour.

    If you are confused, please contact the support team for assistance.

  • I did not receive any earnings for past days.

    This may be because you have deposited in the GOLD plan. This plan does not credit daily earnings to your account. It will only credit you with one profit at the end of the term.

  • How do I fund my Bitcoin wallet?

    Being updated. Information being written. Will be posted soon.

  • How do I fund my Ethereum wallet?

    Being updated. Information being written. Will be posted soon.

  • How do I fund my Perfect Money account?

    Being updated. Information being written. Will be posted soon.

  • How do I fund my Payeer account?

    Being updated. Information being written. Will be posted soon.

  • How do I fund my Dash wallet?

    Being updated. Information being written. Will be posted soon.

  • How do I fund my Doge Coin wallet?

    Being updated. Information being written. Will be posted soon.

  • How do I fund my Bitcoin Cash wallet?

    Being updated. Information being written. Will be posted soon.

What is is an investment program offered by us to anyone who wishes to make money without the hassle and headache of worrying whether your investment will generate profit or loss.

What does do?

We offer 3 investment plans that entail different investment approach and method. Plans range from crypto currency mining and trading.

Is mining still profitable?

This depends on the location of the mining farms you lease. For, our mining farms on lease are housed in a location where the main power source is of the alternative green energy type. We have closed a fixed rate deal for our operations.

Do you make money on any market?

Yes, we can generate profit even on bearish market trends. We, however generate a whole lot more when the markets are bullish. We take advantage of the ups and downs of the trading market just like any seasoned trader does.

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